1. How does Vietnam look like?

On the world map, Vietnam resembles a letter “S” that is long and slim but lager at the ends and slender in the middle. The broadest part of the country is about 500km, wide in the northern region. The narrowest part measures about 50km in Quang Binh province in the central region.

Vietnam is situated in a special geographic position. It lies along the Indochinese Peninsula and enfolds the southeastern part of the Asian continent with its back turned to the Eastern Sea.
The mainland of Vietnam spreads over 1,600km, between the longitude lines of 102o10’ and 109o24’ and between the latitude of 8o30’ and 23o22’.

Mountains and hills cover two-thirds of the mainland. Areas under 500m in altitude account for 70 percent of the mainland. The highest provinces and the highest mountain ranges lie in the west and northwest of the country.

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2. Climate & when is the best time for traveller?

Since Vietnam lies in the tropics, it receives a high quality of heat from the sun. Each month of summer has up to 200 hours of sunshine; in winter, there are no less than 70 hours of sunshine. This sunlight guarantees plant growth and crops all year round.

It is estimated that the total heat radiation in Viet Nam exceeds 100 kcl./cu.cm./year; the equilibrium of heat radiation is o positive value year round and reaches 75 kcl./cu.cm./year. Yearly average temperatures range between 22 o C and 27 o C.

In Viet Nam, relative humidity fluctuates between 80 and 100 percent, except for Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan Provinces, where humidity is lower.

Viet Nam has high yearly rainfall, reaching 640 billion cu.m.lf this huge amount of wetter was retained in the ground and dis not vaporize or flow into the sea, the whole territory of Viet Nam would be submerged beneath 2 meters of water, with some locations.

The dry season usually sets on from October until April but varies from locality to locality.

Northern Viet Nam (from Thua- Thien- Hue to the north) is affected by the northeast monsoons. This sector of the country has four relatively distinctive seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Southern Viet Nam (from Hai Van Pass to the south) usually has only two distinct seasons: dry and rainy.

This is only a rough division since there are many sub- climatic regions due to topographical differences.

Best time in the North: October - April

Best time in the Center: September, October & January - April

Best time in the South: September- April

Best time in all over the country: September, October & January – April

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3. What is the currency in Vietnam & exchange content assistant?

Vietnam currency is named DONG or VND

Exchange rate (updated in 2019)






USD is quite popular to spend at a hotel, restaurant or well-known tourist attraction place. But traveller is advised to change some small amount of VIET NAM DONG to pay for some little expense, for example, a bottle of water, postcard, snack, small souvenir.

It is not easy to change from VND to USD or to other strong currency when tourist expects to change at the airport before the flight back home.

At 4-star hotel- 5-star hotels, traveller is suggested to change at the hotel reception without any commission, because it is illegal to surcharge another amount from the daily banking system rate.

If traveller stays at a small hotel or homestay, the rate can be out of control because of management system laxness to make staff at a place to change original exchange to be a little bit higher. You are recommended to go to the nearest bank to change your own money.

Visa card, credit card, master card, American Express has accepted almost destinations where ATM or POS machine is available.

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4. Food & Beverage

4.1 What is the most interesting food I should taste?

Vietnam is a bespoke country of street food and various culinary in the world and it is not difficult to find out from many great discovery channels like CNN, BBC, New York Times and Discovery Culinary channels.

There something small but almost traveller won't want to miss are: “ Phở” ( Rice noodle soup” ; “Bún chả” ( Grilled pork with rice noodle , fish sauce, garlic , chilly, lettuce, basil, herb and mint mixed up in own hot bowl); “Nem” (Spring roll stir-fried, fresh); “ Bánh Mỳ” ( Vietnamese bread/ baguette to mix with pate, cucumber, coriander, hot chili; sometimes people add fried egg and pork sauce in).

4.2 What kind of food which is used the most in Vietnam?

We use a lot of pork (main food) products, rice, chicken, and beef to eat together with plenty of vegetables, herb, mint, ginger.

4.3 Which country is culture food influence in Vietnam?

French-occupied Vietnam is almost one century. Therefore, there are many fusion restaurants are cooking this type of food by French chef and Vietnamese chef. The bakery is selling everywhere in the country.

At the center and the south of Vietnam, there is more combination of Chinese food (Cantonese) and Thai food.

4.4 How is a general idea of drink should I know about?

In Vietnam, people can drink alcohol when they are 18 years old. There are many retail shops located around your hotel in busy cities like Vinmart, Circle K, and some others.

There are famous fresh draught beer is made in a factory nearby Hanoi, it called:” Bia Hơi”. This place located outdoor to have fun, chatting, enjoy people-watching at chaotic locations.

At all shops in Vietnam, imported red wine; white wine; whisky is more expensive than other countries 20%-40% of the price to compare in Australia is an example.

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5. Accommodation

5.1 Which accommodation does Caoroads refer to book for us?

At Caoroads, we would like to offer a very high standard of hotel and resort along with the country, we want our Caoroads’s traveller to stay at the most comfortable hotel & resort, excellent location, professional staff in hospitality, marvelous breakfast, and the most convenient services are needed.

5.2 If I want to stay at a small boutique hotel instead of staying at an exclusive hotel, in order to discover the residence area to learn more culture and daily life activities. How does your team react to our special requirement?

Yes. We are very happy to present to you some best small hotels as we know them well until we match your expectations.

5.2 We had a free upgraded room from Club benefit since we were travelling with some travel agents who are a member of a strong reputation travel organization like Virtuoso based in the USA. If we wanted to book directly to you, can we do the same thing as they did for us or not?

Yes, we can. The supplier sales team of hotel, resort, health care club, spa, and the airline are willing to support us to ensure you will have a pleasant time.

5.3 If I am not happy with a room which you already booked for us. How do you solve this issue?

Firstly, Caoroads tour guides are always on duty to wait 20 minutes at the lobby after you’re checking in to your room. So, he/she is willing to assist you to concern this problem and explain to the front office at the hotel. Hotel staff is very efficient to lead you to go to see another room with a master key where available.

You can get the same type of room from our confirmation or hotel people will be pleased to offer you a better one.

In case you would prefer to move to a much nicer room which it is not included in our term and condition, we would like to inform to you an extra fee after we readjust an additional cost.

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6. Transportation & Airfare

6.1 Transportation

We have long term contracts with a much-experienced transportation company in Vietnam and we always choose the most comfortable transports and professional driver.

6.1.1 Vehicle seat arrangement:

02 guests: 07 seats modern car Toyota brand or brand new Mitsubishi 07 seats car

03 - 06 guests: 16 seat van (Ford brand new series from 2017, Hyundai brand new from 2018)

07 - 15 guests: 30 seat coach (Hyundai brand new, Thaco Brand new, or Samco brand new)

15-30 guests 45 seat coach (Universe Hyundai brand new from 2017-2018)

6.1.2 How many maximum guests can you arrange for us?

We can arrange a maximum of 500 guests to start the same trip, the same schedule (Booking request should be at least 5 months in advance). We are the experienced team to manage conference and event occasion as well)

6.2 Airfare

We have airline business partners both in an internal and external location. They are a member of IATA. We are coordinating together to seek the best flight deal for your trip to Vietnam.

At Caoroads, we are familiar with Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Thai airway, Korean Air, Turkish airlines.

We are aware that 90% of our clients use to use mileage to buy your own airfare. Otherwise, our team will help you to book and reserve all the flights.

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7. What are the important things I should prepare for my trip?

7.1 Umbrella or light poncho raincoat

7.2 Adapter convert and Plug convert: It is very helpful for an American client to come from the USA, because Vietnam uses 220V, meanwhile, the USA uses 110V. Vietnam uses two (2) slot power cord as everywhere, it is very rare to see three (3) slot power cord.

7.3 Pharmacy:

7.3.1 You should be aware that you might not find out exactly the name of your medicine which you need. You are highly recommended to bring from home to put in your suitcase and hang bag.

7.3.2 Insect repellent & sun cream. The climate is warm and wet as usual.

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8. Religion & Taboo

8.1 Religion

There are more than 10 million people follow Buddhism, more than 5 million people follow Catholic, more than 4 million people follow Caodaism, more than 200,000 people follow Islam

Almost the rest of the country people have no religion.

8.2 Taboo

There are more than 54 ethnic groups in this small country, they surprise you because of each ethnic group they do speak their own dialogue; they are living in their own habit & custom and their own rule. Therefore, tourists will be advised by a local tour guide to make the right connection to them especially from body language or touching action.

In general, most of them are friendly; welcoming; helpful and cheerful.

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9. Shopping

You can buy a good coffee brand name like Trung Nguyen coffee, Me Trang coffee

Feature local handicraft & art: Bamboo basket, oil painting, freshwater pearl, seawater pearl, silk scarf, tailor, leather, lacquerware furniture, jewelry, marble, embroidery picture.

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10. Shipping & Parcel

A reason for traveller plan your trip to Vietnam, sometimes is not just only discovering. You might combine to seek something which is useful to transfer back home as some cargos. Or by accident, you want to purchase interesting products in Vietnam like marble, oil painting, cloths, electricity items…etc… Our team is pleased to assist and help you to send to your home to make you feel free while still on travelling en-route.

We are normally to make a DOOR TO DOOR delivery services.

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11. Tipping &Gratitude

At Caoroads, tipping is an important part of your satisfaction after a nice trip. Everyone who is working in “SMILE OPERATION” would appreciate to get it. They understand they do a good job for you. If you don’t want to spend and think too much time to figure out how you must to Tip to people, we would like to suggest you add it in our “Tipping kitty” of tour cost included, we will on behalf of you to share to them.

Overall tipping details:

Tour manager 10-15USD/ per person per day
Local guide 05-10USD/ per person per day
Driver 02-05USD/ per person per day
Restaurant 10% of total bill
Overnight boat in Halong bay 05USD/ per person per day
Daytrip boat in Halong bay 20-50USD/ for one boat
Bellboy 01-02 USD/ per one room per time
Sampan trip in Ninh Binh 03USD/ for one sampan
Rickshaw (pedestrian cyclo) man 02 USD/ per one rickshaw
Mekong music band 01-02USD/ per person

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12. Can I get visa approval directly on arrival at the airport?

Yes. We also have a fast track team await inside immigration to clear all arrival requirement processes at custom.

13. How to trust “CAOROADS” travel as a reliable brand name in Vietnam?

Caoroads is a unique travel collection from many last global luxury companies in USA, Australia, UK, Canada where our team had worked for 12 years. The most impact on you to trust us is talking to us (get in touch with us by email or chat with us), a well-travelled person would recognize how good or bad are we immediately by a phenomenal conversation.

Leo business concept is concentrated in WOMM (Word of mouth marketing). If you were a hesitant audience, please visit our “Testimonial” menu to see who was travelling with us and what do they talk about their holiday at Caoroads, then you might feel better and we are very happy to get a “Hello” message or “Hello” phone call from you. You will talk to us and you will see how we go.

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14. What level of services are Caoroads doing?

We always promise our promptness to understand your travel style as the best! We do believe what we are doing for you are more valuable than just only service, but also to be reflected in your life experiences so far.
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15. What are the most impression/ special thing that Caoroads offer clients to win in the competition to others?

We are patient to listen carefully with every detail request from you.

Creative unique tour products from our experiences team .

We never say: “NO” to do “EXTRA MILE”

There is no waste of time during your holiday

Our Tour guides/ Tour managers are high efficiency, flexible, passionate, proud of their home country, and they are easy to understand all that you wish.

If you were not really happy while travelling en-route, or you were not interested in doing some activities which were clarified in our confirmed tour program. Our team can switch or suggest you do something else that can help your day to be more enjoyable.

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16. How to book & confirm my trip?

Please connect to us 24/7 by email or cellphone number; he will verify your booking confirmation, term & condition.

17. What is the payment method & guarantee?

We would like to do an official way of payment by bank transfer in order to keep our transaction history to be clear via the global banking system. This is a safe way for both of us from beginning to the end of your holiday with Caoroads .

We are able to receive a transfer payment by USD, AUD, EUR.

We accept your payment by Credit card, Visa card, American Express, Master Card.

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18. At Caoroads service, if I have to follow 100% timing of the tour schedule?

No, you don’t. We are flexible.

19. Tour Manager/ Tour Guide

We do understand a Tour Manager/ Tour Guide is very important for both of us. He/she can be a great friend, a golden key to access a wonderful trip. Moreover, the guide is an ambassador of our business reputation and an ambassador of our country as well. That is the reason why at Caoroads, we are very serious to concern a selection the best Tour Manager/ Tour Guide to work for us. They are people who we knows them very well since my working time period.

We use to ask your travel style and your own personal favorites to assign a guide to travel with you. In addition, we will send to you his/her biography and working experiences history to let you know their professionalism details (their education, working experiences, attitude, personal character, and their advantage skills while travelling)

In particularly, Caoroads’s Tour Manager/ Tour Guide is changeable to someone else instead, unless traveller is uncomfortable to go with him/her. Leo (CEO) is also in charge to be customer care to be in touch with you all phone calls or any suitable social connection to know how you are feeling like every day.

Many people would expect to travel with Leo; I am willing to take care of you if I am available. Sometimes I can go with you a week, or all the rest of your vacation. To make things to be easier, I would suggest you reserve our travelling date as soon as possible.

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20. Why don’t you update your entire tour itinerary products on your website?

Because we are afraid that another competitive internal agent can copy the tour product from us. Meanwhile, we worked very hard to create many phenomenal inspiration ideals to arise a unique holiday for traveller who expects the best.

21. If I want to ask you more questions or your trip product details, how can I do?

For further information and more details, please email us via email: [email protected] We will definitely a response to an answer email in a maximum of 5 minutes.

If you are familiar with Whatapps would be great, or you can call directly to our international hotline phone number: +84912103020

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