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" Since taking up photography seven years ago, I have been very fortunate and privileged to have Rob
Smith as my mentor. Rob is always genuine and generous in helping me to learn more about
photography, from capture to print, especially when I felt unsure of my camera’s capabilities, and I knew
little about the editing software. Rob is friendly and supportive in showing me, in simple and practical
terms, how I could improve my images with constructive and positive feedback, by suggesting and
demonstrating new ideas, or ways to capture an image, or how to improve it, using Adobe Lightroom.

Learn, see and do –practical and sound! Rob’s words of wisdom and advice always resonate in my ear
when I am out, shooting, for example, “If it moves you, shoot it!”, or “Look behind”, “Slow down, don’t
be trigger happy!”, “Move around to find a better perspective!”. Rob continually inspires us with his own
vision, and artistic and creative photography, he truly leads, and inspires by example! As a photographer,
I have become more creative, thanks to Rob’s continual and generous mentoring. I am so grateful to Rob
as my mentor! "

-Giang Duong-

Giang Duong
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